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Why Trump Won Last Night's Presidential Debate

By Carlos Perez October 23, 2020 0 comments

The most recent presidential debate was certainly more organized than the first debate, giving both candidates the ability to more clearly communicate their message to voters.

One thing that should be clear to anyone that paid attention to the debate is the fact that President Trump was the clear winner. The upcoming election is a critical point that will determine the direction that our country takes in the future, and after the most recent presidential debate, it should be clear that President Trump is one that should be guiding our country going forward.

Here's why President Trump CLEARLY WON last nights debate"

President Trump Was More Energetic During The Debate

One point that President Trump has made repeatedly is that Joe Biden is too old to effectively lead.

During the presidential debate, Joe Biden appeared to stumble at times and had trouble collecting his thoughts. This was more evident as the debate carried on, which created clear questions about Biden's stamina and ability to work the long hours that it takes to run our country.

President Trump Pointed Out Biden's Years Of Service And Lack Of Results

President Trump also pointed out a very important fact, Joe Biden has been in Washington for 47 years and hasn't done anything.

He was Vice President for 8 years recently and didn't accomplish anything. Joe Biden talks a big game, but if the past is any indication, he won't get anything done once he's in office.

Conversely, President Trump has made progress on the China trade deficit, helped farmers, and put an end to North Korean rocket tests among other accomplishments.

President Trump Is Trying To Speed Up The Economic Recovery

The coronavirus is a modern-day plague, and there's no doubt that it has caused a lot of hardship and American lives. But, the answer can't be to continue shutting the country down.

The damage to the economy, as well as the emotional damage that it's doing to the country, could be irreparable if it continues. Joe Biden is trying to force an unrealistic agenda that involves heavily modifying restaurants with plexiglass cubicles for diners.

For restaurant owners, many of whom are suffering tremendously, the answer can't be to give them another expense.

Most people recover from the coronavirus, and President Trump is all for protecting the most vulnerable members of our society while also pushing forward to get the greatest economy in the world rolling along again. Anyone struggling financially during the pandemic will be happy to hear the President hears their cries for help and is working to support them.

President Trump Has Plans To Get A Vaccine To The American People

Operation Warp Speed will have a vaccine developed and tested faster than any other vaccine in the history of the human race.

President Trump has said that he believes that he will be able to provide a vaccine to every American by the end of the year. He can't guarantee this of course, but his supporters should have confidence in his ability to deliver. He's planning to use the military to help distribute the vaccine, which is fitting since the military was created to protect us from threats, and the coronavirus is definitely a threat.

Between more effective treatments, and an upcoming vaccine, under President Trump our ability to return to a normal way of life should be sooner than most people realize. Imagine not having to worry about the virus, social distancing, and wearing a mask anymore.

When President Trump is reelected he'll help this dream to become a reality.

Biden Admitted To Wanting To Put An End To The Oil Industry

By far Biden's Biggest gaffe came when he admitted that he wants to transition away from oil.

Anyone that depends on the oil industry for a living is not going to be happy to hear about that. Is green energy important? Yes. Is it read to replace oil and natural gas? No, and that's why planning a transition when the technology isn't ready yet is a mistake.

Any family that lives in a state that depends on oil production should pay close attention to what the candidates are saying.

Joe Biden wants to transition away from oil, and that decision could cost thousands of Americans their livelihoods.


For these reasons, it is clear to us that President Trump mopped the floor wiht Joe last night.

Who do you think WON the Presidential Debate last night? Let us know!

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