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Veterans For Trump: What Has Trump Done For Veterans?

By Carlos Perez November 04, 2019 0 comments

It’s November, and the solemn day of remembrance we call Veterans Day will be duly marked with a day of prayer, reflection, and patriotic parades as it has been most every year on November 11 since Armistice Day in 1918.


Veterans Day honors all of those who have served our country in war or peace — dead or alive — although it’s largely intended to thank living veterans for their sacrifices.


We love to honor and celebrate our great veterans all year long with dedicated Veterans for Trump hats, posters, and apparel. We’ve even built a Veterans Appreciation bundle and our Veterans Ultimate bundle to make for easy gift giving.


But, for those who stick to showing veterans appreciation only on 11/11, we do feel the need to ask…


Is one day really enough time to honor the men and women who fought and sacrificed to protect our freedoms?.


President Trump asked this question, too, and then he took action.


As he does every year since he took office, President Trump issued his annual Proclamation declaring all of November as a month to honor American veterans and military families.


This honor leads off as number one on our Trump Loves and Honors Military Veterans list!


  1. 1. November is National Veterans and Military Families Month


“The United States is a beacon of hope, freedom, and opportunity to people around the world.  The Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen, Marines, and Coast Guardsmen who fight to defend our liberty embody courage, patriotism, and loyalty.  These patriots safeguard the values that keep our great Nation strong.  During National Veterans and Military Families Month, we honor and express our deep appreciation for these brave men and women and their families.”

--President Donald J. Trump


This year, President Trump’s Proclamation reads in part:


“America's military men and women and their families are vital to the security and prosperity of our nation. We have a responsibility to protect and serve those who have made countless sacrifices for love of country.


As President Lincoln once said: ‘Honor to the soldier and sailor everywhere, who bravely bears his country's cause. Honor, also, to the citizen who cares for his brother in the field and serves, as best he can, the same cause.’”


President Trump never fails to spell out how much he loves and respects our military, veterans, and military families.


  1. 2. Educating Our Veterans


President Trump has always been a huge advocate for education and he is ensuring our military veterans receive the student loan and educational benefits to which they are entitled and rightly deserve.


President Donald Trump (Alex Wong/Getty Images)


President Trump signed two Bills -- The Veterans Benefits and Transition Act and the Forever GI Bill Housing Payment Fulfillment Act -- that work together to guarantee payment of housing and schooling costs for military veteran students.


Now all veteran students can live close to and attend the schools of their choice without tuition and rent worries. These types of guarantees to schools and landlords help veteran students focus on education.


President Trump is transforming the lives of our military vets.



  1. 3. Help for Homeless Veterans


Building on employment and education, there’s the critical necessity of safe and permanent housing. Number two on our list above extends even morel assistance to our homeless veterans population with job and vocational training.


President Trump well understands the critical importance of work, jobs, and steady income, and his three prong approach for homeless vets is a gamechanger.


The Homeless Veterans’ Reintegration Program, implemented with Secretary Ben Carson’s programs at Housing and Urban Development (HUD), helps veterans get into and stay in permanent housing.


President Trump is devoted to giving our military veterans the basic foundation they need to restart their lives after their noble service to America..


Veterans can access the VA’s services for homeless and at-risk veterans, available 24/7. Dial 1-877-4AID-VET (1-877-424-3838)


  1. 4. Healthcare Access Military Veterans Deserve


As President Trump made very clear on the 2016 presidential campaign trail, military veterans deserve the same type of access to healthcare that all other American citizens have access to.


President Trump was appalled, as were we all, to discover that our cherished military veterans were often forced to wait weeks and months for an appointment to see a doctor at a VA hospital. Sometimes, that hospital was located an hour's drive or more away from home.


A flyer on the VA's new MISSION Act updates was sent to veterans in May, 2019. (Amy Bushatz/


In some cases, by the time a veteran received treatment from a VA doctor, the medical problem had turned from chronic to terminal. A cruel injustice for an American warrior.


To right this wrong, President Trump immediately got to work on the Mission Act  At its core, the Mission Act reflects the President's vision that veterans need to be at the center of their health care decisions.


Now our vets have access to local doctors and urgent care! They have a choice of health care providers and the VA pays the bill.


Vets can Locate a Local VA Medical Center Now


  1. 5. Protect Disabled Veterans’ Money


When our economy horribly  tanked two times in 10 years with a combination of Presidents Clinton, Bush, and Obama at the helm, our amazing disabled military veterans suffered even more than most.


Unbelievable but true, our military veterans receiving disability payments did not have those disability payments protected from seizure when seeking bankruptcy relief.


As a result, some of our most vulnerable military veterans lost everything because their disability payments were declared income and not shielded from bill collectors.


President Trump fixed this grave injustice that was levied on our disabled military veterans by greedy bankers and politicians claiming bankruptcy reform during the Bush 43 years.


President Trump stopped the insanity when he signed The Honoring American Veterans in Extreme Need, or HAVEN, Act which finally extends the same protection for veterans disability payments that's afforded Social Security disability payments:


Now, by law, debt collectors are not allowed to count these benefits as disposable income subject to seizure during a bankruptcy. This protection keeps our disabled military veterans out of courtrooms and safe from creditor harassment.


We hope you’ve enjoyed reading about some of the actions President Trump has taken to show his love, honor and appreciation of our military veterans.


Here are 5 ways you can honor and show your appreciation to a veteran this month:


  1. Attend a Veteran's Day event.
  2. Ask a Veteran about their time in the military, and really listen to the answer.
  3. Hang a flag in your yard, dorm room, or office.
  4. Ask an aging Veteran to share with you the song that most takes them back.
  5. Visit the gravesite of a Veteran.


As we honor and celebrate our great military veterans all November long, and all year long, too, let’s not forget these words from the President’s Proclamation:this year:


“Each warrior who fights for our Nation, along with their families, has earned our eternal gratitude, and I ask that all Americans thank and support them.  Together, we remain committed to fostering a national community of support for these brave heroes and their families.”


P.S. Our Veteran's Day Weekend Sale starts on 11/08/19! Be sure to join our email list to get access!

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