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Top 10 Reason Trump Will Be Re-Elected in 2020

By Carlos Perez August 01, 2019 0 comments



1. Promises Made, Promises Kept

 President Trump told us that he would build a wall, address illegal immigration as a whole, fix the China trade deficit, and bring jobs back which were his main points.

With the wall just recently 11 more miles was built along the border in California, he has reinforced different areas of the border. Even some private companies have built the wall because they know the crisis is real. With the illegal immigration he has detained more illegals in the a year (increasing by the month) than a lot of presidents have. He has his zero tolerance policy (which is actually a good thing since a lot of kids are being sex trafficked.)

With his China trade deals, China has finally accepted a deal that will slow the tariffs for awhile and they have negotiated multiple times and China was worried which is why they came to the negotiating table so fast.

Which leads me into the next point. That he has brought our unemployment rate 3.8% which is far better than Obama ever did. Plus manufacturing jobs growth is at a 30 year best and the number of jobs are the same as it was 69 years ago. Trump has made his promises and continues to deliver.


 2. Trump Puts America First.                                   

 He stands up for our country's citizens, he doesn't want to put illegals first and give them all the benefits the left wants to. He has passed numerous bills that benefit citizens of all backgrounds (prison reform and legalizing hemp to name a couple) he also knows what a war would do to our country and chooses to not escalate tensions with Iran. He is also trying to pull offensive troops out of the middle east and bring them back home. He is no doubt a proud country man

 3. Strongest Economy in living memory.              

The unemployment rate is at a historic low, individually black unemployment is historically low as well as women and Hispanic Americans unemployment low. Manufacturing job growth is the best it's been in 30 years. Economic confidence is at an all time high and GDP growth is the best it's ever been. Not to mention that almost every economist agrees that this is Trump's economy, not Obama.

 4. Incumbent presidents tend to get re-elected

             The fact is that only 5/50 presidents did not win a second term including George Bush Senior, Jimmy Carter, Gerald Ford, Herbert Hoover, and William Taft. Presidents that serve during times of turmoil, especially when it comes to a domestic recession or difficult economic environment, usually have a difficult time winning re-election.

At other times, the presidents above were simply unable to make their marks on history and capture enough popularity to win a second term in office. Given all the other points discussed in this video, the tides are in most definitely in President Trump’s favor.

 5. The nation is at peace

 Our country has not been this close to world peace in a long time. First with him almost completely getting rid of ISIS and keeping them from doing so many terror attacks throughout Europe.

He has also had multiple meetings with North Korea's leader Kim Jong Un, and has been working on them being denuclearized. In the past year + North Korea has tested one time which means they can't continue to advance their nuclear problem. He also recently became the first President to ever step foot in North Korea. He has also been pulling troops out of the middle east. Syrian troops are almost gone, and in Afghanistan he has pulled 6,000 troops (from 15,000 to 9,000) making them a tad more peaceful and less hostile.

 6. People have gotten used to Trump.

He doesn’t seem as outrageous as he once did. His critics will fret that this amounts to “normalizing deviance,” but what it really shows is that two years in the nation’s top job has taken the edge off of Trump’s confrontational personality. He no longer sounds like the strident outsider he was on inauguration day. As people become more accustomed to his style and he learns better how to modulate it, the appeal of voting for an alternative will tend to recede.

 7. Persistence

The most persistent thrust in President Trump’s policy making during his two years in office is that Washington is done dealing with overseas partners who don’t contribute to the security and prosperity of America. The president’s efforts to change the disastrous global status quo he believes he inherited have had wrenching effects, but he deeply believes in what he is doing, so he will keep doing it.

 8. Unified Base

More than 90 percent of Republican voters still like and support this president, an impressive number for someone deemed so controversial by the mainstream media.

 9. The border.

Democrats find themselves in the unenviable position of being in favor of illegal immigration. The president continually outmaneuvers liberal leadership in Congress by recasting debates in unexpected ways. The idea of shipping illegal immigrants into so-called “sanctuary cities” has exposed progressive hypocrisy on the matter. If they refuse to help the feds enforce our immigration laws, well then, let them reap what they sow. Plenty of swing voters who have a very positive view of legal immigration have a very negative view of illegal immigration, and that works in the president’s favor.

 10. Prior Business Success

 From real estate deals to best selling books and a highly successful Television show, President Trump has shown that despite adversity, he has been able to become one of the most renowned successful businessmen in our time and this is reflected in the strength of the economy today.

If you want do you part in re-electing Trump, then show your support and purchase something today!

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