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The Trump Flags Revolution: No More BS!

By Carlos Perez November 22, 2019 0 comments

Get on the Trump Train and Proclaim Your Liberty with a Trump No More BS Flag!


Everyone knows the story about Betsy Ross. The cute, bespeckled lady who diligently sewed flags in Philadelphia during the American Revolution. It’s a great story, and yes she did sew flags, but she did not create THE flag.


The first American flag evolved from an old British naval flag that was a rectangle of red cloth with a small Union Jack flag in the upper left. It was easy to sew strips of white cloth on the red naval flag to give us the red and white stripes we know today. This transformed flag was called the Grand Union Flag. A combo of the traditional British and the new Colonies.


But, since the British didn’t understand the true concepts of Freedom and Liberty, there soon appeared blue flags with simply the word Liberty on them. These, of course, were called Colonial Liberty Protest Flags and these appeared on Liberty Poles all around the 13 Colonies in the years before the American Revolution.


The Liberty Flags were the first outwardly symbolic protest by our great forefathers against tyranny. These flags marked the first appearance of what has become one of the greatest symbols of freedom the world has ever known. The Stars and Stripes. The American Flag.


Do you know another blue flag that represents Freedom and is a ‘Liberty Protest’ flag against tyranny?


The Trump 2020 Keep America Great Flag

Of course, this is not the only Trump 2020 Flag we have for you to buy and fly. Just as the Colonists created regional flags, and regimental flags like the famous don’t tread on me Gadsden Flag, we have more flags for you to proudly fly and proclaim your independence.


The Trump 2020 No More BS Flag


So, don’t wait another second to show the world that YOU STAND FOR LIBERTY AND YOU STAND WITH PRESIDENT TRUMP.


Proudly fly your Trump 2020 Flag, Keep America Great Flag, Trump 2020 No More BS Flag outside your home, at work, in your dorm room, at sporting events, and even on bridge overpasses if you safely can.


Turn every flagpole into a Liberty Protest Pole and show the world that we are still as tough, as strong, and as free as our great colonial forefathers!

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