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The Polls are wrong. Here is why Trump will win on Nov 3

By Carlos Perez October 30, 2020 0 comments

election polls

You probably know what's going to happen on November 3rd. We all know - and some of us are worried about the outcome.

Once again, the media has sided with the Democrats. They have shown us over and over again how the polls (the so-called honest polls) predict a Biden win - and this seems oddly familiar with how 2016 played out!

For your peace of mind and the peace of mind of American patriots everywhere, we have gathered 5 points to explain why we're all going to be celebrating next November 3rd - and we will continue to do so for four more years!


  1. President Trump won the first time around - and the polls weren't right the first time either

Let's take a walk down memory lane. Sometime before November 2016. It might seem like forever - but it actually happened four years ago.

Four years ago, all polls favored Hillary Clinton to win the presidential election. We can laugh about it now, but back then it was no laughing matter.

Remember how Hollywood and most late-night talk hosts laughed at anyone who favored Donald J. Trump for president - they are the ones who aren't laughing now!

They are not laughing - but they sure are desperate. That's why they are doing everything they can to prevent President Trump from getting a second term. They don't want to Keep America Great. Since they are desperate, they will use fake polls and fake news to demoralize you.

Don't fall for their tricks. Stay enthusiastic and remember to cast your vote for President Trump!

  1. Trump's economy is the best economy

Even the fake news media can't bad mouth Trump's economy - and that's because the economy is at its best! You've heard it from Trump himself:

  • A record-shattering stock market
  • Lowest unemployment rate in a long time
  • Lowest black unemployment rate ever
  • Jobs are coming back to America (and, unfortunately for some people, they are coming back from China)
  • Great trade deals with great nations around the globe are taking place

The Trump train is once again under budget and ahead of schedule.

  1. The radical left has shown us what a Biden presidency would be like - and we thank them for that!

We all know what the radical left is capable of: murder, arson, and anything else you can think of. It's terrible. And they are doing it to create the illusion of instability.

Don't worry, our president has everything under control - unlike Democrats.

The radical left has shown undecided voters what a Biden presidency could look like: total and utter chaos.

Nobody wants to live in an autonomous zone controlled by armed thugs - citizens from Seattle experienced it first-hand.

Business owners everywhere know what a Biden presidency could look like: having to defend your business 24/7, armed and on your own. Undecided voters know that now.

Thanks to that terrible glimpse of a would-be Biden presidency, undecided voters everywhere are turning red - but the polls won't show you that!

  1. The laptop from hell is about to be released

If the radical left's shenanigans weren't enough, the laptop from hell is soon to be released... and people who saw its content say it's terrifying.

It's rumored to have anything from shady political deals to unspeakable acts that should never be committed. And it was all done by Hunter Biden.

There is little to talk about the laptop so far - but it sure will be a hot topic once it gets released. We don't know much but one thing is certain: it won't help the Democrats win the election.

  1. The Democrats - even Joe Biden himself - know what's coming

We've talked more than enough about Trump's wins (and we can keep going for a long time thanks to so much winning) but let's talk about what's happening on the other side: how is Joe Biden's campaign doing? Well, it's not doing well.

Let's forget about their desperate attempts of using the radical left or the terrible ads Democrats have paid for. Let's talk about Biden's campaign itself.

Pay close attention: where is he campaigning? Is he going to traditionally red states? No! He's going to states that always went blue - and that's not a good sign for him.

If Biden was ahead (as the polls claim), he'd be trying to turn Texas blue. He'd be going anywhere he wants. Instead, he's facing empty rallies in his own Democrat turf. Not doing so well, are you Joe?

Stay focused and don't let the Democrats and their pals (the fake media and the radical left) demoralize you. Go vote this November 3rd - and get ready for more winning!

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