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The Makings Of The HUGE MAGA Hat

By Carlos Perez October 22, 2019 0 comments

Ah the iconic MAGA hat. To think that an article of clothing in a specific color and text combination (red and white) can invoke so much pride and hat at the same time is mind boggling. The hat will go down in the history books for sure.

We decided to start after seeing the controversy of the viral video of Covington Catholic High School student Nick Sandmannan and an elder from the Omaha tribe named Nathan Phillips. This mainstream media twisted this story up and spit out some Fake News. And this is not an isolated incident. You can go on google right now and find hundreds of these same instances where young men and women are being harassed, pushed, and beaten just for wearing the MAGA hat. 

What happened to freedom of speech? You can’t wear a red hat with white letters nowadays without getting some type of backlash for it. Forget having the words “Make America Great Again” on the hat, if a red hat has any form of white letters, people will automatically get infuriated. It’s like the first amendment applies to liberals only. It goes to show the power the MAGA hat has.Here’s something to ponder: Would this event have gone viral if the Covington boys weren’t wearing MAGA hats? Our guess: There’s a decent chance the answer is no.

Covington Catholic High School is a wealthy, heavily white, all-boys school in Park Hills, Kentucky. Sandmann and the other students were in Washington to attend the March for Life, a large anti-abortion demonstration held annually. Given that backstory, a conflict between these kids and a minority protester was already primed to go viral. But it’s the specifics of the footage, including those hats, that really set things off. It goes to show... the power that a simple hat has over people is indicative of the strength to which President Trump carries himself and this country. That’s why we are proud to wear it and sell the MAGA Hat. It stands for so many things. America First. Veterans. God. Family. 

Here at Trump Rack, we were tired of liberal democrats who harass Trump supporters who wear the MAGA hat and even force them to take it off. For this reason, we created the Huge Foam MAGA Hat. It is our way of saying, F YOU! If you don’t like us wearing the hat for a president we love and support, then we are just going to be more ignorant and blatant about it. We will wear the largest MAGA hat around, so that you can never miss it!

Bryson Gray Huge MAGA Hat started selling these Huge MAGA Hats and eventually it made it to national television when Bryson Gray wore the hat. As Bryson put it, “"I have a lot of friends who tell me that I shouldn't wear the MAGA hat, so I bought the biggest MAGA hat". He hit it on the nail. 

These hats are made with love in Houston, Texas and sold all over the United States. Trump Rack plans to sell over 100,000 of these hats in 2020 leading up to the election. We believe this will help inspire Trump supporters all over the country and help Trump win the re-election.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, it means a lot to us. We are Trump supporters just like you. As our way of saying thank you, please take 15% OFF the HUGE Foam MAGA Hat with code MAGAHAT15.

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