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The Greatest Trump Collectibles the World Has Ever Seen

By Carlos Perez January 08, 2020 0 comments

This Is The Trump 2020 Victory Trophy


There are many iconic symbols in this world that are instantly recognizable and decidedly unique. The St. Louis Arch. The Taj Mahal. Trump Tower on 5th Avenue. Mount Rushmore.


We are adding one more to this list: The Donald Trump Statue


New for 2020 is this limited edition gold or bronze-cast statue of the 45th President of the United States, President Donald J. Trump. We're calling it the Trump 2020 Victory Trophy!


This is the President Trump collectible you’ve been waiting for. It is a respectful memorialization of our great American president. There have been similar statues of Presidents George Washington, John F. Kennedy, and Ronald Reagan. Now there is finally one of President Donald J. Trump.


As we head into this very important 2020 election year, we all need to show our support of President Trump in every way that we can. Talk to everyone you can, post or repost on social media, red-pill your family and friends. When you wear a Trump t-shirt, fly a Trump flag, and display a Trump statue, you are telling the world you stand with our great President Trump in his ongoing efforts to Make and Keep America Great!


Now, let us tell you more about this Trump collectible. Here are a few comments from your fellow patriots about the President Trump statue:


"The perfect desk accessory!"


Of course, the Donald J. Trump Statue belongs in your office. It belongs in every office. Just as we should have an American flag in every office, there should be a Donald J. Trump statue in every office. It will stand proudly on your desk, bookshelf, and table. Really, anywhere there is space in your home, office, or at school is the perfect spot for a Donald J. Trump statue.


"It inspires me at work!"


You know the feeling you get when you’re attending a sporting event and it’s time for the flag bearers and National Anthem? That proud swelling of your chest and perhaps tears in your eyes? You feeling just so proud of our great Nation.


That’s the feeling you get when you look at the Donald J. Trump statue. You will feel so proud, so determined, so ready to put on your suit and meet the day’s challenges!


You need this great collectible statue at work, and at school, and in your bedroom so you see it when you wake up in the morning. You, like our great President Donald J. Trump always tells us, ARE A WINNER!


"This statue is collector heaven."


If there is an American flag in sight, there should be a Donald J. Trump statue! It’s important as a cultural icon.


 It stands not quite as tall as our 6’ 3” POTUS, but statuesque nonetheless at 14.3" tall.


At approximately 5 lbs, it's of a substantial weight so it will not tip over. But know that it is not heavy or low-energy!


"Hollywood has the Oscars, the People have Trump!"


Like all great statues should be, the Donald J. Trump statue is available in both gold and bronze-cast. The gold statue is a perfect addition to any living area, or personal space. It’s gold just like our great President’s homes in Trump Tower and the Winter White House at Mar-a-Lago Club.


The bronze statue carries that feeling of tradition and gravitas that is ideal for any work space, civic center, education facility or public service and government buildings. It is a stately piece.


Be warned though, this is a limited production collectible statue, and only so many are made available at any given time.


Get one NOW for home, and for work. Send a message to all who see it that you honor and respect our great President Donald J. Trump. Give one to a friend and tell them you stand with President Trump and we will WIN IN 2020!

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