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No More Wars With President Trump!

By Afterpay Key January 16, 2020 0 comments

Did you know that when President Trump first descended that golden escalator in Trump Tower in June, 2015, his plan to Make America Great Again was already formed and rooted in no more wars for the U.S.? Instead, President Trump’s plan to Make America First was to make the Greatest Deals for America with every country in the world.


What? A Republican president who didn’t want war? What about ‘muh Russia and ‘muh N. Korea? What about China? What about Iran?


This great Republican President doesn’t want any wars. He’s a builder not a destroyer. What our great President Trump wants is to make deals with every country who wants to come to the table all people can live in sweet prosperity like us.


President Trump does want us, U.S., to have the best, most advanced, strongest military. That is for deterrence. Peace through Strength, and President Trump has certainly kept that promise.


But do you notice what he always does when the U.S. is attacked? He responds with appropriate force, and then tells the attacker their horrible fate if they continue to escalate their violence.


Then, President Trump speaks to the people of that aggressor country,(mostly via Twitter) and offers them hope. Hope for their country if brutal regimes are finally disposed of by the people, not the U.S. A perfect example is what happened in Iran. Look at this Instagram post of what President Trump wrote on Twitter:


This tweet by @realdonaldtrump with more than 100k likes is already the most liked Persian tweet in the history of Twitter. A strong show of support by Iranians for Trump's Iran policy, something the MSM does not and will not report.


How about this tweet showing Iranian people RESPECTING the American Flag.


This is the truth of what is happening in Iran and around the world that the Fake News MSM will not show you! No one wants war!


The Iranians see what’s happening with America under President Trump. They see a booming economy, everyone who wants to work can work at a job with a good wage. The stock market continues to hit highs - in fact, I think the count is 142 record highs since President Trump took office. They see families able to raise their children without fear of constant regulation and burdensome taxes. An average American family has $10,000 more dollars a year in gross gains since President Trump took the reigns. Check your IRA/401k statement for last year, and try to keep from exploding in joy!


Just like it happened in the U.K. with Brexit - the Brits couldn’t wait to get out of that crummy EU deal and into a world class deal with the U.S. All the world’s countries now know that to be prosperous they need to make a deal with the U.S.


The lesson for all countries? You don’t make war with the U.S., you make deals!


And, who better to make a deal with than the man who created The Art of the Deal, President Donald J. Trump.

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