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How The Silent Majority Can Show Their Support For Trump

By Carlos Perez September 19, 2020 0 comments

Wearing a Make America Great Again hat in public is, unfortunately, one of the easiest ways to attract scowls, looks of disapproval, or even verbal harassment from onlookers. Maybe you live in a very liberal area (hang in there, Californian Trump supporters!) or just want to be able to go out and have a nice day in peace.

While we do think it's a bit odd that people would be surprised Donald Trump has at least one or two supporters - since he was elected president and all (!) -, we understand if you want to keep your support for him on the down-low when doing your shopping or going for a walk.

That's one of the reasons we've introduced our Trump Signature collection - another is that Trump has a pretty nice signature which has been featured prominently on the laws and executive orders that have improved the state of our country since 2017, and a third is that we love Trump and support our President!

It's alright- we know you closet Trump supporters are out there - how else could the 2016 presidential election polls have been so horribly wrong? Ah, if only we could relive that blessed night - come to think of it, hopefully we will come November!

Even if you don't care about concealing your support for Trump in public and are all for "triggering the libs" whenever possible, the Trump Signature shirts, hat, and sweaters provide a nice, more understated alternative to MAGA hats or red "Trump 2020" shirts.

Below, we'll take a quick look at the products available in the Trump signature line, and other ways that the Silent Majority can show their support for President Trump!

The Trump Signature Collection

Our Trump Signature Collection is a great way for the Silent Majority to show their support for President Trump. It's like hiding in plain site! You'll support our amazing President without having the fear of the democrazies harassing you. Check out our products from the signature collection below:

First up we have the Trump Signature hat.

This hat is white with Donald Trump's signature in red on the front. On the right side, you have an embroidered American flag in red and white. The Trump Signature hat is made from 100 % chino cotton twill and is unstructured and low-profile. It's a nice spin on the classic MAGA hat, showing your support for Trump in a different, subtler, and perhaps sleeker fashion.

The Trump Signature unisex T-shirt is made from combed and ring-spun cotton, ensuring it's soft to the touch and as comfortable as Trump's 2016 Electoral College lead. You can get this shirt in white, red, or heather colors such as light blue or pink.

Trump Signature Tshirt

Our Trump Signature long-sleeve shirt is made from 100 % cotton and great for colder weather. It is available only for men. Like the Trump Signature T-shirt, this long-sleeve shirt comes in white, red, blue, and pink: all colors that make a great background for Donald Trump's signature.

Trump Signature Long Sleeve Tshirt

The Trump Signature sweatshirt is also a good choice for the colder months. Think about it: we'll probably have a full four more winters with Trump as POTUS, so you'll get a lot of cold weather use out of it! This is a pre-shrunk, classic fit sweatshirt made from 50 % cotton and 50 % polyester. With Trump's signature in the center, this sweatshirt is available in white, grey, blue, red, and pink, and looks great in all five colors.

Trump Signature Sweatshirt

Next up we have the Trump Signature Unisex Hoodie, great for hanging out inside or outside on a colder day or evening. Its 50 % cotton and 50 % polyester composition make it comfortable, great for relaxing on the couch or going for a drive. This hoodie also comes with a front pouch pocket, a place to store your phone or anything else you carry around - maybe some other great Trump memorabilia!

Trump Signature Unisex Hoodie

Finally, the 36" x 60" Trump Signature flag will make a great addition to your home office, living room, or bedroom. It's sleek and simple: Trump's signature on a solid white background, not unlike his signature on a piece of paper. To give it that authentic, quality flag look, it's also equipped with grommets. This flag can be displayed prominently on its own or next to a big, beautiful American flag.

Trump Signature Flag

How else can you support Trump's reelection campaign?

For one, you can

  • Donate to his campaign (which you can do through his website)
  • Buy his or Don Trump Jr.'s books or
  • Just flat-out trying to explain to your friends and family why a Biden presidency will spell disaster for the country.
  • Naturally, also don't forget to vote come Election Day (November 3). We're with you, so let's keep our country great!


Wrapping Up

Especially with the election just around the corner, now's the time to show your support for four more years of Trump. However, if you want to do this in a subtler way than wearing a MAGA hat so as to avoid arguments, the Trump Signature collection will make a good fit for you. As mentioned earlier, these items provide a nice twist on some of the more "traditional" Trump accessories, so they can work for you if you're an out-and-proud Trump supporter, too.

Do you know a closet Trump supporter or two? Share this article with them!

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