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The Top 10 Best Donald Trump Tweets of All Time

By Amit Jivani May 22, 2019 0 comments

The Top 10 Best Donald Trump Tweets of All Time

Donald Trump has welcomed technology and social media during his presidency mainly in the form of his famous (and infamous) tweets. The Twitter feed of President Trump has caused widespread controversy and made national headlines. Some find his musings a welcome form of communication with the American public. Opponents of Trump have criticized his constant barrage of tweets as offensive and inflammatory for his blunt nature and language. And some people have simply found this goldmine of fragments from the mind of Trump to be a quite interesting source of entertainment.


We have scoured the internet and collected a list of what we think are the BEST, most classic, and entertaining quotes that have been written by President Donald Trump himself.


10. Obama was not born in America?


Back when Obama's birthplace was rumored to have been Kenya and not Hawaii as claimed. It was quite entertaining to watch Trump demand to see Obama's birth certificate for proof that he was in fact eligible to be POTUS.

9. Trump has “one of the highest” IQ’s around


As funny as this quote is, you have to hand it to "The Donald." He would not have gotten as far as he did if he were not an intelligent man. While he may have a bit of an over-sized ego at times, it's clear that he has the brain power to achieve success and lead this country - and he definitely isn't shy about it.

8. MAGA!!!


MAGA - The simple slogan Trump has branded throughout his 2016 campaign. This short phrase has so much meaning behind it as a battle cry to bring America back to the state of victory that we once had.

7. Thank you Kanye!

Trump + Kanye is certainly an interesting duo. Trump gives Kanye a small pat on the head here as he acknowledges the rap star. Kanye has not been known to be one who shies away from the spotlight either with his controversial tweets.

6. Trump Derangement Syndrome


Trump and Putin may very well be considered the most powerful men in the world. The two world leaders have gotten along fairly well so far when they have met in person. As always, Trump gives a shoutout to the haters.

5. A very stable genius! - Part 1

Trump summarizes his resume and highlights his mental stability and natural intelligence. After having building a highly successful business in real estate, Trump took his talents to The Apprentice and continued to win big. 

4. A very stable genius! - Part 2


Trump knows he is very smart and he wants us to know it too!

A lack of confidence has never been an issue for our President and that is certainly one reason why he is such a strong leader.

Trump's track record of success both in business and politically make his case to consider him a financial and political genius.

3. Trump vs Morons


Trump attended University of Pennsylvania'S Wharton School of Business, which is highly regarded as the best business school in the nation. Certainly one of the main reasons Trump was elected is because the American people wanted a leader who has been proven to succeed and could turn around the failing economy.

If you are going to hate on Trump on Twitter, be ready for him to return the favor!

2. A taste of your own medicine


When you are the President, you kind of have to watch your mouth.

However, President Trump tends to not worry about this very often.

For all the hate comments that he gets, Trump definitely handles it well and keeps his composure.

1. Trump doesn’t like Diet Coke


We know Trump likes to eat McDonalds, but he makes it quite clear that his preference is NOT Diet Coke.

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